Learnosity Release Announcement  |  2018.2 Long Term Support (LTS)
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Learnosity Release Announcement

v2018.1.LTS (Long Term Support)
6 June 2018

The Learnosity 2018.1 Long Term Support release is the culmination of feedback from hundreds of customer conversations and over 1,400 improvements large and small by the dedicated Learnosity team.


create section create section

Learnosity 2018.1 brings hundreds of improvements for authors creating content and developers producing great learning applications.

Faster more focused content creating

Create engaging content in a jiffy

Spend more time focused on making great content and less time making it look awesome. We’ve added simpler resizing of images, custom styles across your system and more colorful content in a click.

Simple duplication and faster creation of content

Mix & match Learning Activities

Build Learning Activities in a heartbeat with the Activity Editor. Choose Items, configure the Activity, and go.

One-click duplication of content and additional configuration makes it easy to create the right flow for your students.

Customized question editor

Customize Question Editor templates

Question Templates make it twice as fast to create questions. We’ve taken it a step further and your developers can now customize default groups, define your own groups, add your own icons, hide templates within groups and configure custom templates in groups.

Internationalized authoring tools

Are you speaking my language?

Access a truly international audience of students and content creators. Learnosity has delivered millions of assessments in dozens of languages, and now our authoring tools are covered too. Help text for authoring tools can now be internationalized (i18n) with label bundles.

Sections questions and paragraphs

Sections, Questions, Paragraphs

Automatic question numbering makes it easy to combine multiple assessment sections and have Question numbering generated instantly. Authors save time, and students get better context on their overall progress and progress within sub-sections.

In long passages the underlined_indicator makes it easy for students to reference specific lines, both on mobile and larger devices.

Flexible scoring

Flexible scoring for Short text

Free-text responses can be time-consuming to mark, due to the creative ways in which students phrase their answers. Authors can now define a text answer that needs to be contained in the response. If the correct answer is "Daniel" then answers like "His name is Daniel" or "Daniel is his name" will be marked as correct.


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Learnosity 2018.1 brings additional ways to deliver learning and helps keep your students engaged and learning longer.


Videos for everyone

It’s now even easier to attach videos. Whether it’s on YouTube, Vimeo, or Learnosity, we’ve got you covered.

Transcripts are also now supported in the standalone video Feature, along with closed captions. Students benefit from these as they make the content more accessible, also assisting with language learning to verify the spoken words.

Assessments on smaller screens - responsive design

Learning on the go

We’ve made mobile delivery easier than ever, with responsive design enhancements to fully support smaller screens, from the desktop, to tablets down to smartphones in portrait orientation. In the last twelve months we’ve delivered 3.8M assessments to mobile devices.

Broader Learning Tile Types

Demonstrate broader learning

Learning happens by doing, so learners can now upload their larger projects with a range of file formats (Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation and Video*) in File Upload Questions. From visual media to scientific data, it’s simple, safe and secure.

* Contact support for video access

User experience enhancements for assessments

User experience enhancements

Get a grip on the user interface with new scrollbar wrangling. We’ve made it easier to enforce consistent scrollbar rendering and you can also choose to allow the browser’s modern web presentation with disappearing scrollbars. The scrolling indicator arrow ensure students won't miss any important content.

The accessibility toolbar can be enabled for students, with font size, screen zoom, and accessible color schemes, all user-selected.

New Drag and Drop

Drag, drop, delicious

We’ve rebuilt our image drag & drop type from the ground up to be fully responsive, supporting single and multiple responses per drop zone and allowing customization of the look and feel. This Question type is simple to author, but highly engaging for students.

Prevent casual copying

Prevent casual copying

Shuffling of possible responses helps to prevent students copying from nearby screens.

We’ve added shuffle support to eight additional question types which includes images association, drag & drop, and sorting.

Audible accessibility for math

Audible accessibility for math

We’ve enhanced the our math functionality with our SpokenMath engine which enables screen readers to easily speak the formula a user enters.

We also added support for the extra geometry symbols and characters to support more advanced equations.

Control assessments using sections

Control your assessments with sections

Assemble assessments with greater control when using prefabricated sections. Students can now review their work at the end of each section, seeing flagged or unattempted Items. You now have control over the transitions, and Items within sections can be shuffled.


create section create section

Discover new insights by investigating assessment data

Item scores reporting

All progress, one screen

The “Item scores report” gives you a complete class or cohort’s score history, with interactive exploration in a dynamic one-page format. Analyze scores by topic area, Question type, or custom Item tags.

Item analysis

Ask the right Questions

Item Analysis makes it easy to measure the quality of your Items and assessments in near real time. Use Item difficulty and the discrimination index to analyze whether your Items are performing as expected, and identify errors in content quickly.

Customized tagging

Custom session metadata

Tag or record any information you like against a student session. This allows you to gather metrics on any arbitrary grouping that you need to track and measure. It could be time frame, assignment type, custom session statuses, or any other attribute you need.


Faster section Faster section

Time is a precious resource, save some with these optimizations

Simplified state management

Simpler state management

Knowing whether a student has already started a session was one of the most common integration hurdles that our customers tripped over. We’ve simplified this in the Items API so that this is automatically handled for you.

Simply faster

Simply faster

HTTP/2 helps us deliver content to your customers faster and can shave 20-30% off the initial load time, and also cached loads which represent the majority of requests.

React components have helped us improve the performance of core questions to reduce render times by 15-40%, saving millions of CPU cycles across the world.

LTS is new simpler versions

New simpler versions

With the Learnosity Long Term Support (LTS) releases, you can simplify your upgrades with a single version across all APIs. By pinning to an LTS release, you will receive support for 24 months from the launch date.

Regions in Europe

Bringing it closer

For our customers in Europe, we now have a dedicated region which provides all of the functionality, just a little closer to home. This saves 30-50ms per request, keeps all your data in the EU, and is also a great choice for customers in the Middle East. This region joins our US and Australian regions.

Thank you!

Thanks to our major customers, partners and collaborators who provided input for this release.


What are Long Term Support (LTS) releases?
Long Term Support (LTS) versions (such as this one) are major Learnosity releases, shipping every four months. Each February, June, and October we will be releasing a package of unified, supported versions of our APIs.

See our documentation for more information.

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