System Requirements

A list of all the web browsers and operating system platforms supported and regularly tested by Learnosity.

Which web browsers and operating systems are supported for the core APIs?

OS/Browser Windows macOS iOS Android Chrome OS
Chrome latest stable
Firefox latest stable and ESR X
Safari 9, 10, 11 X X X
IE 11 (Desktop) X X X X
Edge latest stable X X

Updated 11 Jul 2018

Important Please note that previous versions of listed browsers are not supported.


  • Firefox ESR is the Extended Support Release and updates approximately every 6 months. Current version info
  • iOS 8+ is supported on Apple mobile devices
  • Android 4.4+ is supported on all Google certified tablets and phones
  • Archived support tables can be found here.

Which platforms support audio recording?

Audio recording is supported on all major platforms including desktop browsers as well as iOS and Android devices.

Note the following:

  • Audio recording functionality is provided either via WebRTC (by default) or via Flash (as a fallback mode).
  • WebRTC mode requires the page be loaded over HTTPS. If HTTPS is not available, then the fallback mode of Flash is used.
  • Web Views on iOS currently do not support WebRTC or Flash, so audio Questions are not available when loaded under an iOS Web View.
  • Version 11+ of Flash is required for audio recording in Flash mode.

For instructions on configuring Adobe Flash Player, see the Audio FAQ page.

Which platforms support video recording?