Questions FAQs

The FAQ is broken down into a number of sections. If you find something is missing please drop us a mail and we'll expand the article.

What is the Learnosity Questions API?

In simple terms, the Learnosity Questions API allows you to embed questions for a variety of question types anywhere on your website/eBook. All data captured is stored on the Learnosity platform.

What are “activity types”?

Activity types determine the functionality that is available for any specific activity. Learnosity currently offer two activity types:

  • Local practice: Users cannot save/submit their recordings but can re-record as often as they like. Audio is only saved for the life of the page.
  • Submitted practice: Users can save/submit their responses. Re-recording is permitted.

More information can be found in the activity types document.

What are “activity states”?

Activity states determine how an activity is rendered and what features are available to a specific user. These have been created based on business use-cases. Four activity states currently exist:

  • Initial - default view. Used for the first load of an activity by a student
  • Resume - allows students to continue an activity pre-created assets loaded
  • Review - used for student review and teacher grading. Recording will not be permitted.
  • Preview - used to preview an activity without user-response data or teacher grading.

More information can be found in the activity states document.

What types of questions does the Learnosity Questions API support?

We currently offer a large number of question types, all of which can be found in our Question Types section of the Questions API Documentation.

Do you have any math question types

We have a number of advanced math formula question types planned for development, and are happy to show to anyone who is interested.

We will push these forward if there is a demand for them.

What additional question types do you have planned?

We have a number of question types planned for development and our aim is to provide a broad range of questions to cover most eventualities. We are happy to speak to publishers about anything that's on their wish list and it may be brought forward in our roadmap. Our aim is to create question types that work for all clients but we can be flexible and push things forward if there is enough of a demand for it.

What happens if errors occur within the Learnosity API?

Errors occurring within the Learnosity API will be passed to the client system, using a defined list of error codes. Please review the Error Codes document for more information.

How are updates implemented?

Please review our Versioning documentation for more information.

Do you have an audio player that we could use?

The Questions API does provide an audio player. Currently only mp3 format is supported. See feature types for more details.

Where are the questions stored and who displays them?

The publisher owns all their content and questions. It's up to the publisher to have an item bank of questions in place and provide the ability for students to login to their system, etc. The publisher simply embeds Learnosity functionality.

Do Learnosity provide the feature of appending the teacher’s voice to the student’s existing recording?

Audio is stored separately, not appended. Can be played back sequentially if required.

Does Learnosity save all student responses?

Student responses are only saved for activity types: “submitted practice”.

What data format does the Learnosity Questions API support?

The Learnosity API requires the use of JSON. JSON is chosen over XML as its native to the browser, where a large chunk of logic is executed and because it's a lighter footprint across the wire.

What character encoding is supported for displaying special characters?

UTF8 should be used when displaying special characters.