Product & General FAQs

The FAQ is broken down into a number of sections. If you find something is missing please drop us a mail and we'll expand the article.

Do you have a product road map?

We are aggressively adding features to our product. Every three weeks we send out our Product Updates email announcing what we've released, and it's usually something quite significant. An archive of those emails can be found on our What's New Page, and you are strongly encouraged to sign up for this email using the form in the footer below.

We generally don't publicly announce upcoming features. That said, if you're a Premium or Enterprise Learnosity partner we share with you a detailed roadmap six months ahead, and will generally tell you the high level upcoming features as and when we decide, which is sometimes up to a year in advance.

We work closely with the product managers of our Enterprise Partners, and allow them to influence what goes on this roadmap and generally what gets done in what order.

We'll also work on a professional services engagement with clients who really need a certain feature asap.

Can I use the Learnosity API's in non-English speaking countries?

All of the Learnosity API labels can be translated into other languages. Please review our Internationalisation documentation for more details.

What are the terms of your SLA?

The main points of our SLA are:

  • we provide support to your developers while implementing and maintaining your products
  • we provide 3rd level support once the client has gone into production with a product
  • we provide a level of out of hour support
  • we maintain uptime of 99.8%

We are also open to discussing more aggressive Enterprise SLAs with our Enterprise Partners.

Where is the Learnosity Toolkit hosted?

The Learnosity Toolkit is hosted on Amazon Web Services. We generally host in a single Amazon datacenter, closest to the client customer base. Options include US East and West coasts, Dublin Ireland, São Paulo Brazil, Sydney Australia, Tokyo Japan and Singapore.

For some customers we're even hosting inside China.

What is the capacity of the Learnosity system?

Learnosity has been built for the cloud and is incredibly scalable. We already have many millions of users, and our infrastructure will handle hundreds of millions.

We frequently perform load testing, we have dynamic scaling, use content distribution networks (CDN) for certain elements, and have multi-region support. This is built to scale.

Do you have a standard maintenance window?

We don't require standard maintenance windows as we perform rolling releases.

If there is a need to perform configuration changes to a server we remove this server from the load balancer, make our changes and then place the server back in the load balancer. Alternatively, we can create a new server with our configuration changes and swap out the old server.

If for some reason we need to take the load balancer down or take all servers down, we try to provide as much notice as possible for this.

How do Learnosity ensure that only authentic users can access their services?

To ensure that all requests come from a valid origin, Learnosity will supply each client with a consumer key (unique ID) and consumer secret (only known by Learnosity and client). These, together with other parameters will be used to create a signature for authentication purposes. Please review our Security and Authentication document for more information.