A guide on whitelisting your Learnosity-powered platform for schools, universities or corporate networks.

Why do I need to whitelist?

Within any school, university or corporate network, there's usually a requirement to whitelist certain domains for your product to ensure it works for all your users. We've provided a list below of all the domains that need to be sent on to schools, districts, institutions etc. to ensure that your Learnosity-powered product functions smoothly.

whitelisting for Learnosity is done by domain, not IP. One of the reasons for this is that Learnosity is hosted in AWS, as a scalable, cloud based solution. This means that we don't have fixed IPs within this platform, as well as making effective use of CDNs which mean that assets will be served from hosts and IPs closest to your geographical location.

Specific Firewalls

In some cases, Learnosity has partnered with firewall or content filter companies to make whitelisting even easier.

Palo Alto Networks

Learnosity has partnered with Palo Alto Networks to provide a Learnosity specific signature to make whitelisting simple for end-users. Since Applications and Threat Content Release Version 769, You'll find a Learnosity application ready to be used in any of your content filers, in place of the shortlist below.

URL Whitelist - Short

Our short list includes all our APIs using wildcards - for the vast majority of modern firewalls and content filters, this should be sufficient.

  • *.learnosity.com
  • learnositymediaprocessed.s3.amazonaws.com (For student upload of files for File Upload and Image Annotation Upload Question types)
  • s3.amazonaws.com/assets.learnosity.com (for Author upload of images, audio and video through the Author API)
  • s3.amazonaws.com/learnositymediaprocessed (For student or teacher resume or review mode of Audio Question types)
  • www.googletagmanager.com (Used for Learnosity error tracking. No reduction of student facing functionality if this is not whitelisted.)
  • www.google-analytics.com (Used for Learnosity error tracking. No reduction of student facing functionality if this is not whitelisted.)

URL Whitelist - Long

In cases where you may require the full list of subdomains, these are provided below. We've also provided the region based URLS (e.g. items-va.learnosity.com and items-au.learnosity.com) - based on how you're using Learnosity, you likely will not need all of these below.

  • items.learnosity.com
  • items-va.learnosity.com
  • items-au.learnosity.com
  • items-ie.learnosity.com
  • items-ca.learnosity.com
  • assess.learnosity.com
  • assess-va.learnosity.com
  • assess-au.learnosity.com
  • assess-ie.learnosity.com
  • assess-ca.learnosity.com
  • questions.learnosity.com
  • questions-va.learnosity.com
  • questions-au.learnosity.com
  • questions-ie.learnosity.com
  • questions-ca.learnosity.com
  • eventbus.learnosity.com
  • eventbus-va.learnosity.com
  • eventbus-au.learnosity.com
  • eventbus-ie.learnosity.com
  • eventbus-ca.learnosity.com
  • events.learnosity.com
  • events-va.learnosity.com
  • events-au.learnosity.com
  • events-ie.learnosity.com
  • events-ca.learnosity.com
  • data.learnosity.com
  • data-va.learnosity.com
  • data-au.learnosity.com
  • data-ie.learnosity.com
  • data-ca.learnosity.com
  • reports.learnosity.com
  • reports-va.learnosity.com
  • reports-au.learnosity.com
  • reports-ie.learnosity.com
  • reports-ca.learnosity.com
  • schemas.learnosity.com
  • schemas-va.learnosity.com
  • schemas-au.learnosity.com
  • schemas-ie.learnosity.com
  • schemas-ca.learnosity.com
  • authorapi.learnosity.com
  • questioneditor.learnosity.com
  • assets.learnosity.com
  • shared.learnosity.com
  • s3.amazonaws.com/assets.learnosity.com
  • s3.amazonaws.com/learnositymediaprocessed
  • www.googletagmanager.com
  • www.google-analytics.com