Developer Tutorials

These tutorials introduce the patterns for embedding and using the Learnosity APIs in your application.

Getting Started

T101 - Questions & Items Learn how to create questions and items using the Learnosity Author site.
T102 - Create an Assessment Use the Items API, in inline or assess mode, to create an assessment.
T103 - Display a Report Generate session summary and detail reports on submitted assessments.


T201 - Question level Events & Methods An overview of events and public methods that are question-specific, rather than assessment-wide.
T202 - Displaying Distractor Rationale Show feedback at the question and/or response level.
T203 - Hints and Feedback Show assessment question hints on demand.
T204 - Creating a Custom Report Use the No-UI report setting to create your own custom "session average score" report.
T205 - Styling with CSS Customize the look and feel of your assessments with CSS.