QTI Conversion Quick Start Guide

Easily convert between QTI XML files to Learnosity JSON models using our QTI Conversion tools

Speed up the importing process of your QTI aligned content to Learnosity using our QTI Conversion library. The library is open source and available in Github. The process is as easy as calling a PHP function to generate the Learnosity model JSON, i.e. `item`, `questions`, and `activity` to be imported to the Item bank using Data API.

Learnosity have provided a QTI Conversion library that is written for PHP 5.5+ and can be easily included via composer on your next PHP project. It is open source and available on Github:


For more information around quick start guide and usage, please see the readme instructions on Github.

use LearnosityQti\Converter;

| Directly

$xmlString = '<assessmentItem ...> ... </assessmentItem>'

list($item, $questions, $manifest) = Converter::convertQtiItemToLearnosity($xmlString);


| Now you can easily SET the Learnosity Item model JSON at `$item`, `$questions` to the Itembank with Data API