Tagging allows you to categorise and manage the Items that you have created. You can only add tags to Items, not to Questions. To see what Tags are associated to an Item, click the Settings button on the top right of the Item edit page, or the Tags button on the blue sidebar (Author Site only).

Tags can also be used to set the parameters for Item selection for an individual test.

Tag Types and Tags

Tag Types allow you to categorise the tags that you want to create e.g. a Tag Type could be Subject and the Tags would be Math, English etc.

In order to create a tag, we need to create a Tag Type first.

  • Navigate to Tags on the top navigation bar.
  • Click on the button Create a new Tag Type.
  • For this example we will create tags for school subjects. In the Name field enter Subject.
  • A Long Name is optional.
  • Click the Used in Items/Activities boxes if the tags are to be available in both.
  • Click Create.

You will be then brought back to the Tag overview page. To begin creating your tags complete the following steps:

  • Click on the ID link beside the Tag Type.
  • Click on the button Create a new Tag.
  • Enter the tag name e.g. English in the name field.
  • Click Create.
  • Repeat this for each subject.
  • Remember to click Save Changes when you are finished.

Edit & Delete a Tag

If you want to make changes to a tag you first have to select the tag type it belongs to and then click on the tag name. Start editing tag properties and click on Save changes when you are done.

If you want to delete the tag click on the Delete button below the edit tag form. This will only delete the selected tag.

Tag Bulk Import

If you have a list of tags that are currently in a csv file, these can be programmatically imported by your development team into Learnosity Author via the Data API. Checkout out our developer documentation for more details.