Highlightable Text

How to create highlightable text passages.


Highlightable text is an additional asset to the Passage Feature. It allows the student to highlight text in a passage by dragging their cursor, or finger (for tablets), over the text which will then appear highlighted in yellow. Almost mimicking the traditional pen and paper method of marking relevant information as you read through an article.

If the same Passage Feature has been used across multiple Items and these Items are then grouped together in an Activity, the highlighted text will persist through the activity as the student moves from Item to Item. Check out this feature in our demo.

Figure 1 - Passage highlight example.

Please note:

  • This feature has been designed as a tool for the student and cannot be validated.
  • This feature is not visible in the Question Editor, or in the Item edit or Item preview screens.
  • In order for the text hightlight to persist across Items, Activities/Assessments must be created with the Items API in Assess mode.

Adding Highlightable Text

To apply this style to a Passage:

  • Add a new feature to an Item.
  • Then create your Passage Feature as normal, and enter text and format as required.
  • Highlight all parts of the text passage that you wish to apply Highlightable Text too.
  • Click on the Styles dropdown on the wysihtml toolbar, as shown in Figure 2.

  • Figure 2.

  • In the dropdown, select the Highlightable option, as shown in Figure 3.

  • Figure 3.

  • The passage text is now highlightable.

Note: This cannot be tested on the Question Editor Preview, or on the Item edit or Item preview screen. Don't forget to save the item.