Tagging an Item

About Tags

There are two main reasons why you will want to Tag your items in Learnosity.  The first is to be able to search for a group of Items with a particular Tag or Tags, and the second is to be able to report on student performance on a set of Items.

Tags in Learnosity are used in combination with Tag Types. Each Tag will belong to a Tag Type. For example, a Tag Type called "Grade" can have Tags called "Grade 3", "Grade 6", "Grade 8" linked to it.

Tags can be added only to Items, not to Questions.

Using the Author Site, there are two ways to Tag Items:

  • The Tags button on the blue sidebar.
  • The Settings button at the top right of the Item edit page.

Users of the embedded Author API can add Tags to Items by using the Settings button in the top right of the Item edit page.

Figure 1 - The Tags button in the blue sidebar of the Author Site, and the Settings button in the top right corner.

Adding Tags

Follow these steps to add Tags to an Item:

  • Open an Item.
  • Click on either the Settings button, or the Tags button the blue sidebear (if applicable).
  • Start typing the name of a Tag in the text box and a list of created Tags will appear. Select a Tag from the list. You will see the Tag, and the Type it is linked to, appear in the Attached tags list below.

Figure 2 - Adding tags to an item.

Multiple tags can be added to the Item by typing in the new Tag name into the search field. The order in which the Tags are added will have no impact on searching or reporting. To remove a Tag, click on the cross (x) beside it.

Click on Save when you are done to save changes to the Item.

Note If a Tag is less than three characters long, it cannot be found in the Author API when searching for a Tag to add to an Item. This limitation has been put in place to avoid performance issues with autocomplete. For searchable Tags, ensure they are four characters long (or longer).

Bulk Tag Update

Bulk Tag updating is useful when you have many Items that you want to apply the same Tags to. This functionality is currently available for Author Site users with Author API enabled.

In order to bulk update Tags, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Item Page where all created Items are listed.
  • From the menu on top of the page select Items - Bulk Updates.
  • You will be redirected to the Bulk Updates page. Use the Search to filter the Item list to the Items you want to update.
  • Select the Items you want to update by selecting the check box beside each Item reference, as shown in Figure 3. Alternatively, if you wish to select all Items on the list, select the check box to the left of Reference.

Figure 3 - Select items to be updated.

  • If you have more than 50 items created, a message will appear beside the Action menu "All 50 Items on this page are selected. Select all _(number)_ Items". To update all Items in your Item bank, click on "Select all __ items".

  • When you have your Items selected, click on the Action drop down menu and select Update Tags. Enter the Tag name(s) you want to add into the text box and click Update as shown in Figure 4. All selected Items will then be updated with the Tag(s).
  • Figure 4 - Enter Tag names and update Items.