Item Status

About Status

The status of an Item indicates if it is ready for use. The Item Status can be found in the Details menu, above the Item Reference. There are 3 status options: Published, Unpublished or Archived.

  • Unpublished: The status of every new Item is set to Unpublished and should remain Unpublished until ready for testing. Unpublished Items in the Item List will be indicated by .
  • Published: Only Published Items can be used in an Assessment. When Items are ready to be used in assessments and have passed QA the status should be changed to Published. Published Items in the Item List will be indicated by .
  • Archived: When the status has been changed to Archived this means a soft delete. The Item will still exist but no longer be present in Item List or in any searches unless Archived Items have been searched for. There is no way to remove an Item completely. As Item References must be unique it is not possbile to create a new Item with the same Reference as an Archived Item. In this instance it is recommended to rename the Archived Item.

To change the Status of an Item follow this steps:

  • Open a new or an exsiting Item.
  • Click on the Details section on the Item side menu on the left.
  • Use the drop down menu to change the Item Status.

Figure 1 - Changing the Item Status.

Bulk Update Status

Bulk status updating is useful when you have many Items that you want to change the status of. This functionality is currently available for Author Site users with Author API enabled.

Follow these steps to perform a bulk update:

  • Navigate to the Item Page where all created Items are listed.
  • From the menu on top of the page select Items - Bulk Updates.
  • You will be redirected to the Bulk Updates page. Use the Search to filter the item list to show the list of items you want to update.
  • Select the items you want to update by selecting the check box beside each item reference as shown in Figure 2 or alternatively if you wish to select all items on the list select the check box to the left of Reference.

Figure 2 - Filter the items to be updated.

  • If you have more than 50 items created a message will appear beside the Action menu "All 50 Items on this page are selected. Select all _(number)_ Items". To update all items in your item bank click on "Select all __ items".

Figure 3 - Select all Items on the list.

  • When you have your items selected click on Action drop down menu and select Update Status. From the drop down select either Published, Unpublished or Archived and click Update as shown in Figure 4. All selected Items will then be updated with the selected status.
  • Figure 4 - Select status and update.