Item Search

Item List

The Item List page is the landing page when you open the Author Site. There is a seach filter on the top of the page, and below the list of Items will be shown with up to 50 items per page. There is a navigation bar on the top and bottom of the list that will allow you to navigate through the pages of Items. On top of the Item list, the total number of Items in your Item Bank will appear in the form of Viewing 50 of 5010.

Figure 1 - View of the Author Site item search.

Sort List

The Sort option on the top centre of the Item List determines in what order the list of Items are viewed. It can be sorted as follows:

  • By Last Updated: Newest First or Oldest First. The default setting is Last Updated: Newest First.
  • By Date Created: Newest First or Oldest First.
  • In alphabetical order. Options are: A-Z or Z-A.

Sort Item List

Figure 5 - Sort List options.