Activity Templates

Create a New Template

There are many configuration settings to choose from when setting up Activities and templates are a good way to reduce these decisions for authors as well as ensuring that the settings are the same across multiple activities.

To create a template navigate to the Activities page and follow the steps:

  • Click on New Activity.
  • Here you specify all the settings you want to be applied to your Actvity Template.
  • At the top of the page click on the Advanced tab.
  • Select all and copy the JSON on the page. You do not need to save this Activity.
  • Navigate to Activities on the top menu bar and from the drop down menu select Base Template.
  • Click on Create a new Base Template.
  • Paste the JSON onto the page.
  • Enter a Template Reference.
  • Change the template status to Published and click Creat. The template is now available to use.

Adding a Template to an Activity

If you have a template created and you wish to add it to an Activity this should be the first thing you do after you click on New Activity. When you use an Activity template, all the Activity Settings specified in this template will be automatically applied to the Activity. All you will have to add is the Title and the Items.

From the Base Template dropdown menu, select which template you would like to use and click Apply. The template settings will be applied as they are at that point in time. Note that updates to the Base Activity Template will not update in Activities that have already been created.

Continue adding your Items and add a Title to the Activity as normal, and when you're ready click on Create.