Author Guide Tutorials

Everything you need to know about Authoring!

Getting Started

Items and Questions An overview of Learnosity essential building blocks.
Create an Item with an MCQ A step by step tutorial on how to add a question to the Item.
Item Layouts (Columns) Learn how to apply different layouts to Items.
Validate a Question A look at Learnosity validation capabilities.
Uploading Images Adding images in Learnosity and optimisation tips.

Item Tutorials

Overview of Items A guide to Learnosity Items.
Item Search How to search for your Items.
Tagging an Item Learn how to use tags in Learnosity.
Item Status What is Item Status and how to change it.
Duplicate an Item A brief tutorial on how to make a copy of an Item.
Action Builder How to configure actions on an Item using the Action Builder.
Scrollable Content How to add scrolling to your content.

Validation Tutorials

Item Scoring/EBSR A guide to various item scoring options.
Check Answer Learn how to add instant feedback to questions.
Alternate Responses Making use of alternate responses in validation.


What is an Activity An introduction to Learnosity Activities.
Creating an Activity A step by step guide on how to create an Activity.
Creating Activity Templates What are Activity Templates and how to apply them.
Subscores An tutorial on Activities Subscores [Developer Only].
Adaptive Simulations A guide to Adaptive Simulations settings.

Other Tutorials

Dynamic Content How to create question variations using data tables.
Rich Text Editor A breakdown of Learnosity WYSIWYG editor options.
Creating Tables A tutorial on how to add tables to Items and Questions.
Highlightable Text Learn how to create and use highlightable text passages.
Templates and Customisation An overview of Question Editor customisation options.
Author Site User Profile First time login user information.
User Management An administrators guide on how to add users to the Author Site.
Tag Manager A tutorial for administrators on creating tags in the Author Site.
Response Masking This page shows how Response Masking is used.
Tag Hierarchies A tutorial for creating and using tag hierarchies.
Character Map How to use the character map as an author and as a student.
Simple Features Embed the audio player, calculator, protractor, and ruler Features inline with a Question.
Authoring Permission Groups Create permission groups for your authors in the Author Site.