What's New

1st June 2018

Product Spotlight

Audio Recording for Authors

We've made it possible for authors to record their own audio inside the Question Editor, and then insert that audio inside the stimulus. You can access this new recording tool using the Simple Features button on the text toolbar. Note that this option will need to be enabled in your authoring environment, please contact a member of the support team for more information.

10th May 2018

Product Spotlight

Faster Image Resizing

We’ve made it faster and simpler to resize images when creating content. To resize an image, click on the image and drag the corners to the desired proportions.

19th April 2018

Author Updates

Results Analysis by Topic or Learning Outcome

Our new Item Scores by Tag by User report offers a drill-down view of student scores by topic area, learning outcome, or any other Item tags you choose:

  • Understand how much content students have seen
  • Analyze student performance across different topics
  • Subdivide results by different kinds of tests
  • Navigate to scores for specific topic and sub-topic areas
  • Visualize results for a class of students

Image Preview

A new thumbnail preview has been added to the image-based Question Types. Authors can click on the edit button on the thumbnail preview and change the image.

Author Site User Management Changes

  • Username is now titled username/email and must be an email address.
  • Password confirmation is required to make any changes to a user profile.
  • Forgot password functionality has been added. Users will now receive confirmation emails if their username/email or password has been changed.

Item Settings - Apply and Cancel

Authors can now make changes across the different tabs in Item settings and apply or cancel changes made before returning to the item edit screen.

29th March 2018

Author Updates

Image Drag & Drop

It is now possible to set the width of the response container in Image Drag & Drop Questions. You can configure this by selecting 'Left' or 'Right' from the Response container position drop down in the Layout section.

Underlined Indicator

A new underlined indicator button has been added to the rich text toolbar. This feature allows part of a text passage to be underlined, and have an indicator, e.g. '1', placed below. This means you can easily refer to specific parts of the text in a question, by referencing the indicator.

9th March 2018

Author Updates

Line Chart

In the Line Chart Question type, authors can now select the point style for the chart. Data points can now be shown as plain circles or a cross.


Authors can now choose to disable auto-scoring in questions that specifically need a manual score. This option can be found in the scoring section.

Video Upload

The size limit for videos has now been increased to 100MB.

16th February 2018

Author Updates

Responsive Design Enhancements

The assessment now automatically resizes based on the width of the user’s device, by default. This offers a significantly improved user experience on smaller devices, such as phones and tablets.

See more information in our regions documentation.

11th January 2018

Author Updates

Math Questions

A new additional option Treat 'e' as Euler's number has been added to the equivSymbolic method, in the Math Formula, Cloze Math, and Cloze Math with Image Question types. If the option is enabled, it will validate responses with a lowercase e as equivalent to Euler's number.

Author API

Users of the embedded Author API can now view and edit an Item's underlying reference (if they have Item titles enabled), by clicking on the Details tab underneath the Settings button on the Item edit page.

Accessibility Enhancements

An 'Image alternative text' field has been added to the Image Highlight Question.

Screen readers are now able to read out what the student enters into the calculator in the Calculator Feature. 

Gridded Question

Blank spaces in the Gridded Question type are now being treated as zero. Before this, blank spaces were ignored in validation.

7th December 2017

Author Updates

Short Text

The Short text Question type now has a new validation option called "any text containing". This will allow a word or phrase contained in either response to be correct, even if the student's response is not exactly the same as the content author's correct response.

16th November 2017

Author Updates

Label image with Drag & Drop V2

The Label image with Drag & Drop Question has been updated to a new version.

It contains the same options and functionality as the previous version, but with added abilities, including the ability to:

  • Click and drag on the image to add, resize, and move response containers.
  • Configure the maximum amount of responses a student can drag into a single response container.
  • Set the image width.

Geometry Symbols

The formula Questions now support the overarc and underarc symbols, and these symbols can be used with multiple characters. The overarc symbol can be found in the Geometry symbols section of the LaTeX keypad.

Video player - Accessibility Captions

We now support the ability to display captions in the video player Feature, when the Hosted video option is selected from the Video type drop down.

Captions can be added in the Caption URL field under the More options section. The caption can be switched on by the user via the video player menu bar.

Along with the existing ability to add a Transcript, this allows you to create WCAG AA compliant accessible videos.

Author API Item titles

It is now possible to enable Item titles in the embedded Author API.

This will allow the Author to change the title of an Item, without affecting the underlying Item reference.

26th October 2017

Author Updates

File Upload

The File upload Question type now supports additional file types: TXT, CSV, RTF, XPS, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Open Office documents.

Users can now upload files by dragging and dropping directly from a folder or the desktop.

Shuffle Options

The shuffle options feature has been added to the Sort list Question.

Enabling shuffle options will present the list of responses in a randomized order to the student.

Chemistry Symbols

The Chemistry symbol group is now available in all Question types. Authors can access this via the Math button in the rich text editor and in the drop down area on the Keypad.

Math Symbols

The Math keypad now supports the forward slash / symbol. Authors can insert this from the All symbols group and can also be included in custom symbol groups for use by students.

The Math keypad now supports the forward slash / symbol. Authors can insert this from the All symbols group and can also be included in custom symbol groups for use by students.

6th October 2017

Author Updates

Numbered Paragraphs

It is now possible to add numbers to paragraphs, using the new Numbered Paragraph style in the WYSIHTML text editor:

Shuffle Options

Users of the embedded Author API can now have their development team configure the Question Editor to automatically change the edit and preview screens from appearing side by side, to appearing in separate tabs when the screen is resized to a narrow width.


It is now possible to Tag Items in the embedded Author API. Tagging is useful for refining Item searches and for reporting, when you want to retrieve student performance on a certain set of Items.

The Layout button been renamed to Settings. In this section you will be able to attach and remove Tags, configure the Item layout, and enter data for dynamic content.

The Settings button is available to users of the Author Site, as well as users of the embedded Author API.

15th September 2017

Author Updates

Essay with Rich Text V2

We have moved Essay with rich text v2 into the 'Written and Spoken' section of the Question Editor tile view and moved Essay with rich text Deprecated to the 'Other' section.

24th August 2017

Author Updates

Shuffle options

The shuffle options feature has been added to the Classification Question.

Enabling shuffle options will present the possible responses in a randomized order to the student.

Responsive edit/preview in the Question Editor

Users of the embedded Author API can now have their development team configure the Question Editor to automatically change the edit and preview screens from appearing side by side, to appearing in separate tabs when the screen is resized to a narrow width.

3rd August 2017

Author Updates

Formula Keypad Enhancements

Author facing:

The buttons for inserting response boxes and adding dynamic content have been moved into the Formula Keyboard toolbar. Access to the symbols groups is via a drop-down menu on the left of the toolbar, replacing the previous tabular format.

Student facing:

Students now access the symbol groups to the left of the keypad in a drop-down menu, replacing the precious tabular format to the right. The show keyboard shortcuts symbol has now been moved to the right of the keypad.

13th July 2017

Author Updates

Paginated passages

Paginated passages can now be created within the shared passage Feature. This will allow the student to be presented with multiple passages, like pages in a book, by clicking left and right arrow buttons underneath a passage.

See our docs for information on how to author a paginated passage.

Shuffle options in choice matrix

The shuffle options feature that already exists in the multiple choice Question has now been added to the validation area of the choice matrix Question.

Enabling shuffle options will present the response options in randomized order to the student.

Teacher authoring question templates

Users of the embedded Author API will now have the option to implement simple templates for teachers.

In simple mode, there are fewer Question templates to choose from, and their layouts contain fewer options than the default Question templates.

To enable simple mode, your development team can specify it using the InitOptions.ui.layout.mode parameter.

1st June 2017

Author Updates

Author API Activity Builder

Users of the Author API are now able to use the new Activity Builder. With this Builder, Authors can:

  • Search, Preview, and Select Items for the Activity.
  • Reorder and Remove Items in the Activity.
  • Set the Activity Reference and a Description for the Activity.
  • Search and Preview the existing Activities in your organisation.

11th May 2017

Author Updates

Formula Keypad Symbols

Twelve new Discrete Math symbols have been added to the Keypad, including Floor and Ceiling functions. These can be found within the "Discrete" section of the Keypad.

Item List

There us now the ability to search for Items by phrase in the Item List Search. Enter phrases enclosed in quotation marks to find Items containing the phrase.

Author Site Action Builder

Simple Features, including the inline Audio Player, can now be added to Shared Passage Features.

A new Item action has been added to the Action Builder called "Disable all widgets". This allows the author to prevent the student from interacting with the Question, for example while auto play audio is executing.

Events configured in the Action Builder are now disabled in the Author Site Live Item Preview. To preview the Item Event behaviour configured for an Item, use the new "View in Assess API" button found at the top of the Action Builder.


A new Scoring Type has been added to the Classification Question Type called "Partial match per element - max score". This method will divide the number entered into the Point(s) box by the number of elements in the Question. For example, if 1 is entered into the Point(s) box, and there are 4 elements in the Question, each correct element will receive a score of 0.25 points.

30th March 2017

Author Updates

Author Site

An Item Events Builder has now been added to the Author Site. This functionality allows the author to easily control the order in which events are triggered on each Item, for example, auto-playing audio/video, enabling/disabling navigation and interactions with questions/features.

Author API

Author API users can now use Duplicate Item functionality. The Duplicate Item function allows you to easily clone an existing Item including all questions, content and layout within your content management system. This is a public method that will need to be added by your development team.

Scientific Calculator

The scientific calculator now supports multiplication with parenthesis notation.

9th March 2017

Author Updates

Shared Passages

The Shared Passage feature has been added to the Author API. This will allow content authors to reuse the same passage across multiple items. This feature is opt-in only - in order to see this in the Author API, your development team will need to activate it. If you are using the Author Site, please contact the Learnosity support team.

New Scoring Option

A new option called Unscored/Practice Usage Type has been added to the Question Editor. When enabled, the question will receive no score.

Question Editor

Over the last few weeks, we have been putting our efforts into polishing the Question Editor UI. We have made some updates to our labels and layouts, and we have replaced our toggle options with checkboxes.

25th January 2017

Author Updates

Formula Keypad

A formula keypad has been added to the LaTeX Template Markup field in Math and Chemistry question types, allowing LaTeX input via the keypad.

Hotspot Accessibility

Accessibility for the Hotspot question type has been enhanced with the addition of an Alt text field and the ability to add ARIA labels.

Minimum Score if Attempted

A new "Minimum score if attempted" field has been added to every question type, making it possible for the student to be awarded attempt marks.

Group Possible Responses

A new "Group possible responses" option has been added to the Label Image - Drag & Drop and Cloze - Drag & Drop question types, enabling the grouping of possible responses under different headings.

18th November 2016

Author Updates

Image Upload

Image rotation has been added to the Image Annotation Upload Question Type. This allows the user to have more control over the image they have uploaded. Images can be rotated 360º.

Order List

The shuffle options function has been added to the Order List Question Type. When the question is rendered the list items will appear in a different order each time.

27th October 2016

Author Updates

Possible Responses

It is now possible to re-order your Possible Responses while authoring your content in a number of question types. Support for this has been added to Multiple Choice, Cloze Drag and Drop, Order List and Sort List question types.


An Edit Aria label toggle has been added to Image Cloze Association and Image Cloze Dropdown question types. Once enabled it will be possible to add an Aria Label for each response box position on the image.

6th October 2016

Author Updates

Response Containers

In the Match List, Classification and Image Drag and Drop question types, authors can now group possible responses. Simply add 'Groups' and within that group add the possible responses that apply to that group.

Accessibility - Histogram

The color order in the Histogram question has been changed so that similar colors are no longer side by side. This will allow for vision impaired users to differentiate between colors.

15th September 2016

Author Updates

Response Containers

In the Multiple Choice Question, partial match per response and partial match scoring types are now available. This also includes the rounding option with the choices being floor and none.

Authors can now indent text as well as lists and can do so by clicking on the indent plugin on the Rich Text Editor.

24th August 2016

Author Updates

Item Scrolling

Scrolling capabilities have been introduced. This can be accessed in Item Layout Options. See below.

Image Highlight Question

Width and height fields have been added.

3rd August 2016

Author Updates

The following updates are available for clients using the Author Site and Author API. This is not an automatic upgrade. Author API clients should upgrade to V1

  • New Layout Options have been added. Author API users now have the ability to redesign items using our new Item Layout options which include 30/70 columns, 70/30 columns, 60/40 columns, 40/60 columns, vertical line serparator and tab layout

  • Dynamic Content is another new feature which can save the author a lot of time. The author can simply copy over data from a spreadsheet or a CSV file to create a data table which, once applied can create many variations of the same question.

  • UI Improvements We have redesigned our Item List view

  • Small screen compatibility Author API can now be used on smaller screen widths down to 500px.

  • Ability to open items in new tab from item list.

  • Next/Previous functionality reinstated making it easier to navigate through items. (Author Site Only)

Extended Calculator

  • We have implemented an extended version of our basic calculator. It is available via toggle when selecting the Basic Calculator feature.

  • New buttons include: CE, percentage and square root.

New Math Symbols

  • We have added three new math symbols to our Formula Keyboard.

  • Summation and Partial Derivative have been added to the calculus group for both authors and students and the Limit x to symbol has been added to the custom group for students.

13th July 2016

Accessibility Improvements

  • Accessibility has been a core focus for us this quarter. This has included significant screenreader (NVDA, Jaws, Voice Over and ChromeVox) testing and improvements as well as an extensive review of the use of colour against the WCAG 2.0 standards.
  • We’re also working to integrate SpokenMath which enables screenreaders to read LaTeX ensuring that all author and student math input can be interpreted accurately by screenreaders.

22nd June 2016

Author API - Sort by Item Reference

  • Author API users now have the ability to sort items in alphabetical order in the Item List View. A-Z and Z-A sorting options have been added to the Sort menu.

Question Editor - Instructor Stimulus

  • A new field has been added in the Question Editor called Instructor Stimulus. This can be used to provide additional details to Proctors/Instructors during assessments and will never be shown to students. The Instructor Stimulus can be previewed in the Question Editor V3 only and will appear at the top of the question in a blue box.

3rd June 2016

Author API Updates

  • A Show Answer button and a score indicator are now displayed in Item Preview. This allows authors to check question answers and see overall item score.
  • We have added the ability to bulk update Item status or tags for Author Site users with Author API enabled.

User Management

  • All newly registered Author Site users will now receive an automatic welcome email from Learnosity with their login details.

Hotspot Question (QEv3)

  • Authors are now able to add alternate responses in Hotspot questions.
  • A Color Picker to select hotspot area fill and stroke colors has been added.


  • Keyboard navigation and ARIA labels have been added to our Calculator feature.

20th April 2016

Cloze Questions (QEV3)

  • An Insert Response button has been added to our HTML Editor to insert response boxes into the template area. Authors can now also enter __ (double underscore) to add a response box.

Hotspot Question (QEV3)

  • Draw and Delete modes in authoring have been implemented.

30th March 2016

Accessibility Updates

  • ARIA support for Audio question type has been added.
  • ARIA support has been implemented for several question types on review state including MCQ, Choice Matrix, Cloze questions, Formula questions, Match List, Sort List, Order List, Short Text, Classification and Hotspot.

9th March 2016

Formula Updates

  • Added ability to create custom number pads in all Math and Chemistry questions. This can be founded in the Advanced pane. When you click on a key a character map will pop up and you will be able to select a new symbol;
  • equivValue now validates different units of the same base in an expression, i.e. 1km + 500m = 1.5km;
  • Additional support for recurring decimals has been added to comply with different countries notation standards. Repeating numerals can now be notated with a vinculum - 0.\overline{3}, solid dot over the top - \dot{3} or parentheses - 0.(3).

Accessibility Updates

  • Keyboard and ARIA labels support has been added to Shading question;
  • Alt text editable via source has been added to image tools;
  • Contrast improvements of draggable items have been made in Cloze Association, Image Cloze Association, Classification, Match List, Order List and Sort List questions.

Ruler Tool

  • Default ruler images have been updated and now have a "0" marker.

17th February 2016

Math Formula Updates

  • Notation capital letters ℚ, ℕ, ℤ, 𝕀 , ℂ and a symbol for recurring decimals have been added to custom symbols group.

Graphing Updates

  • A new option called "Ignore Repeated Shapes" has been added to Graph questions validation settings. This option helps authors deal with duplicate shapes students may accidentally plot without realising. When the option enabled, any duplicates will be ignored, which well prevent validation fail. Read more about Ignore Repeated Shapes here.

1st February 2016

Math Formula Updates

  • The Ignore Text option has been added to equivValue scoring settings in all math question types.
  • New symbols "i" (imaginary number) and "e" (Euler's number) have been added to custom symbols keyboard.

Chemistry Formula Updates

  • The Inverse Result option has been added to all scoring methods in chemistry questions.

13th January 2016

Author Guide Updates

  • We have released a new set of tutorials for authors dedicated to Learnosity Math and Chemistry questions. In this section you will find detailed descriptions of the validation methods as well as interactive examples to play with.

Chemistry Formula Updates

  • A new validation method called stringMatch is now available in all chemistry questions. This validates the exact value set by authors in validation.
  • This method comes with two additional options: Ignore Leading and Trailing Spaces and Treat Multiple Spaces as One.

9th December 2015

Author Site UI Updates

There has been changes introduced to the Item Edit side menu:

  • Adaptive section has been moved to the Advanced panel.
  • Deleted item status has been renamed to Archived.

Formula Updates

  • A new validation method called stringMatch is now available in all math questions. This validates the exact value set by authors in validation.
  • This method comes with two additional options: Ignore Leading and Trailing Spaces and Treat Multiple Spaces as One.

18th November 2015

Author Site UI Updates

Essay question

  • The toolbar in Essay (with text formatting) questions is now accessible using keyboard only.

Formula Symbol Groups

  • The backslash symbol has been added to the Sets keyboard group.
  • The Beta (β) symbol has been added to the Greek keyboard group.

29th October 2015

Multiple Choice Question

  • The MCQ Validation UI has been updated. The drop down menu has been replaced by a new layout that emulates the question. Authors only need to select the correct response(s) from the list.

Learnosity Templates

  • Updates have been made to some of the default Learnosity question templates. Settings have been optimised allowing authors to quickly navigate and select the most suitable tiles.

Math Scoring

  • We have added a new feature to EquivLiteral math scoring settings called Ignore Coefficient of 1. When enabled, it will treat 1x+2 and x+2 as equal.

9th October 2015

Metadata Updates

  • Authors can now add url links to Metadata by pasting it directly in the field source window. This is supported for Distractor Rationale, Sample Answer, Acknowledgements and Distractor Rationale per Response fields.

25th September 2015

Formula Symbol Groups

  • The not subset symbol (⊄) has been added to the Sets keyboard group.

11th September 2015

Choice Matrix

  • Partial Scoring - Multiple scoring types are now available in Choice Matrix questions. Authors can choose between Exact Match, Partial Match and Partial Match per Response scoring.

14th August 2015

Graph Plotting

  • Toolbar Controls - Undo, Redo, Delete and Reset control buttons are now customisable with authors being able to freely add and remove each of the buttons on the graph toolbar.

Simple Shading

  • Lock Author Cells - It is now possible to lock cells shaded by authors and prevent students from deselecting them. The toggle can be found in the Basic pane.

Chemistry & Math Updates

Floating Keyboard

  • A new setting has been added called Position floating keyboard below question response area and can be found in Formatting section when the floating keyboard is selected. For Formula Cloze & Image questions the floating keyboard can now be positioned below the question when opened. For Essay Questions the keyboard will always show below the last line of text.

Symbols Groups

  • Comparison Group - Not Less Than (≮) and Not Greater Than (≯) symbols added.
  • Greek Letters Group - Epsilon button updated.

31st July 2015

Numberline Drag & Drop

  • Height - this has now been set to "auto" by default. Height will now scale dynamically to fit all content.


  • Max Response Per Cell - it is now possible to specify the number of possible responses each cell can accommodate. This option can be found in Basic settings.

Simple Shading

  • Max Selection -  will limit the amount of cells a student can select on the grid. This option can be found in Advanced settings.

Chemistry Symbol Group 

  • grams per mol (g mol-1) has been added to the keypad. 

Math Formula Matrices Symbol Group 

  • 3x3 and 1x1 Matrix insertion buttons
  • Button UI for 2x2 Matrix updated
  • Button UI for Add Column updated
  • Button UI for Add Row updated

Image Cloze questions

  • Setting the response positions on images has been moved from the Question Preview to the Basic pane.

17th July 2015

Math Formula

  • Added lowercase epsilon to greek symbols group.

Choice Matrix

  • Added a header above the options called Option Row Title.
  • Add the ability to turn on lines under each table row by clicking on "Show horizontal lines under stems".
  • Add stem numeration options: Upper Alpha, Lower Alpha and Number.

Image Highlight

  • An option to provide the student with a colour palette of up to 6 colours has been added.

Passage Feature

  • You can now add a heading to passage content. The heading will be rendered as h3.

3rd July 2015

Choice Matrix Question

  • The basic settings section now has the option to include multiple response options per stem.

Video Feature Update

  • A new drop down menu has been implemented allowing users to select the type of video to be uploaded.
  • Along with Youtube and Vimeo, Learnosity now supports Brightcove videos.

19th June 2015

Formula Essay Questions (Math Essay, Chemistry Essay)

  • Maximum Lines option has been added allowing authors to limit the number of lines of text/math that can be entered.

Keypad enhancements

  • Dynamic and interactive slider created in the keypad toolbar with authors being able to scroll between keypad toolbar groups.

Validation Stems Numeration

  • Number, lower alpha or upper alpha labels can now be displayed to the left of the response boxes. The option is available in Math List, Order List, Classification, Graph Plotting and Cloze question types.

5th June 2015

Validation and Review state UI updates

  • When validation UI with correct answers (review state) is shown a section is now visible displaying the correct answer. This replaces the hover behaviour required.

Essay Questions - (Essay, Math Essay and Chemistry Essay)

  • The text formatting toolbar is now fully configurable with authors being able to select which formatting options students should have access to.
  • New formatting options have also been added, including; numbered list, superscript, subscript and clear formatting.

Audio and Video Features Updates

  • Label, caption and transcript fields have been added to the audio and video features.

Graphplotting Polygon Tool

  • Undo or reset buttons are now active when the Polygon is in create mode.

22nd May 2015

Math Formula

  • The content in response areas has been normalised, covering the HTML and the two types of Math (MathJax for static math in the template / MathQuill for math input). This creates a slight increase in HTML size and minor reduction of the Math. You now have the ability to scale (150% - default or 100%) of the student input area font size in relation to the stimulus font.
  • Unused columns in student keyboards are now hidden.

strong>8th May 2015

Question Templates

  • Templates are a great way to ensure consistency with question layout and formatting as well as helping to speed up the authoring process. Please contact us if you would like to discuss setting up a custom template group for your authoring team.

Image Upload (Beta)

  • Max Width has been added under Formatting. This will define the width of the container.

Chemistry Questions

We have added a new Chemistry group to the Author Site. It contains:

  • Chemistry Formula
  • Cloze Chemistry Formula
  • Chemistry Essay
  • Image Cloze Chemistry.

These questions are still in draft mode and documentation for our Chemistry questions will be available in the coming weeks.

24th April 2015

Chemistry Question Polish

  • Added atomic and polyatomic chemistry symbols
  • Chemistry Symbol group added as default

Math enhancements

  • Added memory functions MC,MR,M+,M- to scientific calculator.
  • Dynamically hide unused columns on custom symbol groups
  • Improved button layout and style of the formula keyboard
  • A style added to the table for 'no border'

Classification question

  • Added row title header for classification question

10th April 2015

  • Graphing: enable students to apply labels to Cartesian graphs including full validation support for this.
  • Graphing: background image now appears when setting validation.
  • Math Formula (Matrices): Made it more obvious to the student user where the text input fields are for Matrices.
  • Chart (Histogram): Vertical grid lines removed.
  • Scientific calculator: Rework of the scientific calculator with the addition of many new functions.
  • Basic calculator: reordered ÷, x, -, +,  = buttons to ensure consistency with Scientific calculator.
  • Chemistry Symbol Group: added to the formula keypad and available to include in the student keypad.
  • Self Service User Management: a tool that has been released to allow you to add or remove user access to the Learnosity Author Site.

27th March 2015

And specifically for the authors, we continue to tweak and improve the experience.

Authors can now add labels to points on a graph. Also we released an alternate to undo and rest, 'delete element tool', for students to delete elements from a graph. This is added to the toolbar as the author sees need.

Our protractor and ruler tools now have 'tool specific' icons for the buttons along with the ability to add your own custom icon.

We have added further chemistry specific symbols to the list, these can be added to custom groups with a near future plan to release a chemistry specific symbol group.

13th March 2015

We have been working on a range of enhancements for the authoring experience particularly for our Math and Graph question types.

In our Math Question we have added the Shift button to the Math QWERTY Keyboard which will allow students to input uppercase letters. We have also added the the following Math symbols to our student-facing keyboards.

  • Integral - Calculus Keyboard
  • Vector - Geometry Keyboard
  • Phi - Greek Letters Keyboard

Real Number Set symbol has also been added to our Math Authoring Misc Keyboard.

In graphing we have added the ability to hide the points on background shapes.

27th February 2015

Item Scoring - Adding to our scoring capabilities, we now offer Item level scoring as well as Question level scoring. This will be particularly useful for Evidence Based Selected Response (EBSR) items where answering the first question on the item determines whether or not subsequent questions will be awarded scores. With Item level scoring there are 3 options:

  • Per question
  • Dependent (EBSR)
  • Dichotomous

Some more additions

  • Authors can now label the X and Y axes of the Graph Plotting questions. You can also set your own custom labels.
  • Images can now be directly uploaded for the Image Tool feature. 
  • Choose between Question level and Item level scoring.

13th February 2015

Learnosity are happy to announce our latest update, included in the package are some great new features, particularly for authors.

You now have the ability to preview in Full Screen! Opening a new browser window clear of all authoring menus, offering better preview of items and features, this is also perfect for iPad preview.

We are always working to enhance our question types and recently delving into the Chemistry subject area. In preparation of this we have released a number of chemistry specific symbols. Available to be added to custom symbol groups from the usual place.

A little polish has been applied to the Graphing questions so duplicate points will not sit over an existing point, making authoring and validation even better than before!

Finally on an end user note, Image compression for the Image Upload tool has been improved, so that student-uploaded images look good, even on retina.

30th January 2015

In the latest release from Learnosity we have made some changes to the UI for adding questions and features. When adding a question or feature, instead of the old popup modal, the interface now slides up from the bottom. We have relocated the 'New Question' and 'Find existing Question' buttons to the top left of the menu bar and also modified the overall look and feel of it. The content within the modal remains unchanged.

Additionally we have added a new Layout field under the Formatting tab of the Numberline Stacked and Numberline Plot Question types. You now have the option of both Horizontal and Vertical format for the number line when creating questions.

One small fix we have made was to correct the math equation rendering to be the same between the Stimulus and Template sections of the Math questions. 

16th January 2015

  • Item Pools feature (beta)
  • New review screen
  • Added a Transparent Background on/off toggle to Math Formula so that this question type can be seamlessly integrated into client products
  • Made the Audio Player responsive so that the size automatically changes based on wrapper size
  • Added Partial Match scoring to Numberline Plot


  • New Misc group added to Author Math Symbols.


  • Number line association now supports mixed fractions in label points
  • Formula - added ability to switch hints off.
  • New Image Upload question type (beta).
  • Scrollable passages can now have a percentage height that matches the height of the viewport.
  • New Image Cloze Formula question type.
  • Add support for custom question types
  • Math Formula UI and Math Cloze - Added min_width option to control response input width.
  • Numberline Plot - Added option to manage labels separately from ticks


  • Added edit tab for adaptive activities.
  • Images can now be aligned using the image uploader.
  • Reference for activity can now have up to 150 characters.
  • Add support for Dot Multiplier in Math Formula.
  • Bar Chart - Ability to make bar inactive.
  • Item Navigation menu moved to top of Item List.
  • Sort button added to Activities.
  • Activity Builder - Items are now number in the order they will appear in the activity.
  • Shading - New question type.
  • Source and Notes fields are now searchable.
  • Duplicate Items.


  • Graph Plotting - Comma option added for labels over 1000.
  • Tagging of Activities
  • Dynamic Acknowledgements - Acknowledgement entered into the Question or Item Acknowledgement field can be easily configured to appear on the Activity Outro Item.
  • Add Adaptive configuration settings into the Activity Builder.


  • Create Activity Templates
  • Acknowledgments text field on the Item Details panel.
  • Activity Reports
  • Question Editor V2


  • Edit button on Item Placeholders
  • Add a background image to a graph question.
  • Add Scrollable Passages to an Item or Passage.
  • Source button added to HTML Math Editor.


  • Tags - Search Tags by And or Or.
  • Add Number Line Title. Click on Line in the Optional Attributes and select Title.
  • Create a Line Plot or a Dot Plot with our Simple Chart Question.
  • Item History - An Item Audit Trail is now available as of 26 June 2014.
  • Graph Plotting - Plot a Polygon shape on the graph or add it as a background shape.
  • Pre Drawn Shapes on the Graph.
  • New Partial Match Scoring. Our old Partial Match scoring is now called Partial Match Per Response. Check our Validation page for more information.
  • Create Vertical and Horizontal Number Lines with our Graph Question.
  • Upload SVG images in the author site.
  • Set table cell width to adjust to the cell content size by selecting Content Width in tables. This is currently only available on the Item.
  • Create Matrices with our Math Formula Question.
  • Create a Histogram with our Simple Chart Question.
  • New Question Type - Simple Chart. Create Bar Charts and Line Charts.
  • Upload Image button on the Item has been merged with the Image Icon on the HTML editor.


  • Activity Builder - Easily group a list of Items for inclusion in an Activity.
  • Graph Plotting - Parabola and Sine functionality are now available.
  • Spell Checker - Misspelt words will be underlined with red. Press Command (Apple) or Ctrl (Windows) and right click the word.
  • HTML Editor Create Style Container - Add a Well, Highlightable Text or Indents to Text.
  • New additions to Item Preview button on the Author Site including screen size options and check answer button.
  • Add a Vertical Line when creating Item templates
  • Token Highlight - Allows students to highlight words, sentences, paragraphs or custom tokens.