Learnosity Release Announcement  |  2018.2 Long Term Support (LTS)
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Authoring Docs

The Authoring APIs are a powerful, intuitive interface for Authors to
create and manage Learnosity content.

Author API

Author API is an embeddable item editor for creating, searching and exploring your Learnosity itembank. Use it standalone for managing your content, or integrate Learnosity items directly into your CMS for a seamless authoring workflow.

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Author API edit screen

Lower level APIs for data access, import and conversion.

Data API

Get full programmatic access to what's been authored. Fetch all the information you need using the same security mechanism as our other APIs.

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Question Editor API

Question Editor API is a standalone rich content tool for creating Learnosity questions. Intuitive, high performance, in-browser editing for the full set of question types.

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QTI Conversion

Use our open source library to convert valid QTI assessment items to Learnosity JSON. Also supported is converting Learnosity JSON to QTI.

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