Learnosity LTI v1

Learnosity LTI delivers Learnosity assessments and reports right inside your LMS, through the LTI standard.

LTI initializes and renders the Learnosity APIs directly into the assessment and reporting views of your LMS. It also provides a UI for instructors and authors to configure the assessment, take a preview test, and view class reports.

We support LTI grade passback, so you can have the best of both worlds: student scores in your LMS gradebook, as well as Learnosity's full range of rich reporting options.

Easy to use

Just configure your LTI credentials inside your LMS, and your platform can start delivering Learnosity assessments immediately. Save, resume, submit and reporting just work, out of the box, with no integration time. Use the quick start guide to get up and running today!

Quick start guide

Activity assignment

Learnosity LTI provides simple activity selection functionality. Instructors can set which Learnosity activity will be used for the assessment, and view a preview of the activity.

Read more about activity assignment

Session integration

Learnosity LTI manages the state of each student's assessment in the LMS, to provide students with a seamless save, resume and submit workflow, and prevent duplicate submissions.

Read more about session integration

Grade passback

We use the LTI v1.1 specification's grade passback mechanism to pass a student's score back to the LMS once they have completed their assessment.

This way, you get the best of both worlds: integrated reporting within the LMS gradebook, as well as Learnosity's rich reporting options to dig deeper.

Read more about grade passback

Instructor reporting

Instructors can view their class progress and results directly inside your LTI-enabled platform. An instructor/instructor can select an existing assessment activity to view all students who have taken the activity and display a class list of results and scores. We support all the granular question- and item-level scoring you're familiar with - just as you'd expect.

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Student reporting

When a student submits their assessment through LTI, we automatically show a summary report of their results via Reports API. This provides immediate granular feedback to students, in addition to the overall score and percentage reported in the LMS gradebook.

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