Build powerful, interactive assessment with Learnosity


Learnosity supply a series of services to help you extract your data and deliver reports within a larger product offering.

Browser based Reporting

Reports API

Allows a full set of reports to be created on request by the client, with tags and users being passed in to generate reports. These HTML reports can then be embedded on any web page.

This includes individual tests information, aggregated reports, and diagnostic reports. Further reports can be easily added on request.

Reports API Documentation »

Server-side Reporting

Data API

Our Data API provides a Server-side way to access all the information you need, at a granular level. You can fetch all the information available within your ItemBank, create and tag new content programatically, or fetch user responses and session details for asynchronous reporting.

If you're using your own ItemBank, and storing all your user responses locally, you can always use our scoring engine through the Data API.

Data API Documentation »

Events API

Tracking events whenever and wherever

Learnosity's Events API provides a simple way to publish and subscribe events (compliant with Experience API) from Learnosity Products or via Public Method to Learnosity Event Bus

Events API Documentation »


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