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This page contains a list of articles intended to support the client's use of the Authoring tools from Learnosity

Default: Use Learnosity Author as your Item Bank Platform

Learnosity Author

Our hosted item bank platform.

Powerful authoring and item bank repository platform which uses a flexible tag based system for organizing items. It is the easiest way to create and host rich Learnosity content.

Learnosity Author uses the Question Editor API for the core authoring experience.

Author API

View and search Learnosity's ItemBank from within your CMS.

Our Author API allows searching of the content inside our ItemBank that can be shown in third party CMSs or assessment platforms.

We provide quick and easy hooks for developers, to simplify integration into your CMS.

Data API

Get some info on what has been authored.

Designed to be called hourly or daily, to give developers a view of what content has been authored and stored in Learnosity Author. It returns a JSON structure of items, item IDs and tagging information.

Data API Documentation »

QTI Import & Export Available as a service

Easy come, easy go. Liberate your items.

We have a set of internal APIs which provides programatic access to import and export QTI 2.1. These have not yet been exposed publicly, but Import & Export of items is available as a service.

Advanced: Use your own Item Bank Platform

Question Editor API

Our editor. Your item bank platform.

The Question Editor API is an embeddable tool provided by Learnosity for authoring questions.

It is generally used inside a client's Content Management System (CMS) or Item Bank Platform. It is also used internally by Learnosity as a key component of our own Item Bank Platform, Learnosity Author.

The Question Editor API provides no persistence to a database- instead it provides JavaScript public methods which allow the page that calls it to communicate with the editor.

It automatically updates, so as new question types are added they become available for use and editing.

Question Editor API Documentation »


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